Semi-Homemade Guava Pastelitos 

I live in Miami, so for Father’s Day I wanted to try making my version of a very “Miamian” breakfast staple: the famous guava and queso (cream cheese) pastelito. The guava and cheese pastelito it’s a versatile pastry you can serve for breakfast with café con leche, as a snack in the afternoon or as dessert after dinner as well.

My first idea was to use a flaky crust like Pepperidge’s, but after wondering around for a few minutes in the frozen food aisle and staring at a couple of options, I decided to try Pillsbury’s Grand Jr. Golden layers instead, which I knew would give my pastelitos a much fluffier than flakier texture. Pillsbury also scored an extra point for not being a frozen good.

Using Pillsbury turned out to be a great choice. These guava and cheese pastelitos are super delicious, fulfilling and good at any time of the day. You could also use different fillings such as ham and cheese or Picadillo meat and you can even shape them like the real thing, which I might or might not do next time so they won’t look like empanadas. The world may never know.

In the mean time, here is what you’ll need to make them:

  1. Pillsbury’s Grands Jr. Golden Layers.
  2. Baking spray.
  3. Guava Jelly.
  4. About 1/2 of an 8 ounce cream cheese package of your choice.
  5. Powdered sugar to sprinkle.

This is how you do it:

  1. Pull apart the biscuits and use 1 for each pastelito.
  2. Flatten and expand it (as if making a pizza) using your hands.
  3. Place guava jelly and cream cheese in the middle.
  4. Your pastries don’t have to look like anything, they could look like balls-and I mean tennis balls, voleyballs, basketballs…whatever- for as much as I care, but if you are anal about these things, by all means, cut two triangles to cover your filling.
  5. Spray your cookie sheet with baking spray, place the pastelitos on it and stick them in the oven for about 12 minutes or until they reach your desired crispiness.

Finally, after allowing them to cool down on a cookie rack, take out your pretty plates, presentation is half the battle 😂. Serve and enjoy!