Goodwill Hunting in Miami: How not to become a broke hoarder

            My mother has been a thrift hunter for as long as I can remember. She calls it “her therapy,” and she claims that finding something of name brand, at a ridiculously low price AND with tags still hanging produces in her a “money-orgasm.” (Note to my kids: this is where I get my weirdness from. Your Abuela is the problem!) 

In the other hand, I, hated going to flea markets and thrift stores as a child, mostly because I felt so ashamed and didn’t want anyone I knew to find out I could very possibly be wearing second hand clothes on any given day, as gently as they may have been used. Thank goodness I am over that craziness now, and so, here I present you with some tips on how to spend your money wisely at Goodwill and not become a broke hoarder.

  1. Make a budget before leaving the house. Saving money IS your goal. Pick a number $ and stick to it!
  2. Build an outfit. This one it’s a little extreme, but If you go thrifting regularly, you might end up filling your closet with stuff you’ll probably never wear. Go out with a purpose!
  3. Love it or leave it. Ask yourself: Does it go with my style? Am I going to use it next week? no? just walk away. Don’t follow my mother’s example. She has three rooms and a garage full of crap she’s never going to use. Love you mami.
  4. Keep an eye out for sale items. Here in Miami Goodwill features the “color of the week” sale every week. During this sale you will pay ONLY half of whatever the marked price is. Let’s say you get attracted to something that is not on sale. What do to? simple. Go back to tip number 3. Run the opposite way!
  5. Put your school id to good use. Every Wednesday Goodwill stores all across Miami reward students with a 10% discount on their total purchase, upon ID presentation.
  6. Finally, do not discriminate. Trust your instincts. If it looks and feels like good quality, it probably is. Read the tags. Items labeled as handmade or leather will give you a hint of the quality of the product and their possible price. Keep your eyes open for items that are made in Italy, items that are handmade, items labeled “all leather”. Keep your phone handy and Google the brands if you do not recognize them. I bought a pair of AG jeans not long ago for about $2.50. They were not even marked as Designer jeans. Someone dropped the ball, and I was there to pick it up. Goal!

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